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Within just a few hours spent together they definitely felt a spark, it was so special and different for both of them. But it seemed there was no way it could work, because Marina had to fly back home to Russia the next day. She thought she will never see Patrick again.

Marina flew back to Russia, and Patrick could not stop thinking about her. The decision was made - Patrick invited Marina to their first official date in Europe. They spent a magical weekend in Prague, where they realized how much they instantly loved each other. Despite the imminent distance they would face, they wanted to give their relationship a shot. After several months of long distance relationships, traveling all around the world together and sharing the most precious moments that they will remember forever, Patrick proposed to Marina in the Sand Dunes of Dubai— and of course, she said “Yes!”

A few months after the proposal, Marina moved from Moscow to Las Vegas where they planned a beautiful elopement wedding. With a perfect scenery of the Red Rock Canyon Mountains in the backdrop, their intimate ceremony hosted close friends, family and their love.

On a fun trip to America, Marina and her best friend decided to visit Las Vegas. Little did they know this trip would change Marina’s entire life.

While Marina was getting ready for what was supposed to be just “another girls night out,” Patrick was preparing for his nightly shows with Magic Mike Live — one of the most popular and sensational shows in Las Vegas.

What was intended to be a normal night out in the town, turned out to be an unforgettable evening filled with surprises. Out of the full room of girls cheering to the show, Patrick immediately noticed Marina’s beautiful smile and was mesmerized by her charm. Their eyes met and Marina’s smile became even brighter. At that moment, Marina could not help but to fantasize about meeting this guy after the show. To her surprise, Patrick invited Marina out for a drink with a night out in Vegas, and after some hesitation, Marina took that chance…

“And that, kids, is how I met your mother” will say Patrick one day.







editing hours


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Creating The Storyline

Step 01

was an essential part of the pre-production process. Once we got an idea of how we can show the entire story from the day Marina & Patrick met and lead it all the way to their wedding day, we started working on a Story Board for the shoot, that was presented to the couple.

Love Story Shoot

Step 02

was broken down to multiple days and locations. Each "date" story in film was based on what Marina and Patrick actually enjoy doing together and fully represents their dynamic. As a part of the full storyline, we also had a chance to film at the Magic Mike Live Show, including the backstage. Proposal in Dubai was re-created in Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Las Vegas.

Wedding Day - Destination Collection

Step 03

offers a full (up to 12 hours) wedding day coverage and includes an additional shooting day to showcase your destination location - Las Vegas! Since this is also a very significant place for the couple, we took our time to capture all the details and beauty of this city, so you can feel the vibe!

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