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Each 1:1 Mentorship program is designed with your specific business goals in mind. Some of the most sought out topics include:


We understand the value of ongoing education. That's why we've personally invested over $20,000 in courses, mentorships, and other wedding-related education, including attending the prestigious Wedding MBA conference in Las Vegas every year. By staying on top of industry standards, we ensure that you’ll receive the latest and most relevant insights to thrive in the ever-evolving wedding industry.

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In our first year, we booked an impressive 70 weddings, gaining valuable experience, learning many lessons, and building credibility by offering quality services at affordable prices. Our dedication to excellence earned us a spot in multiple publications, and we consistently ranked in the top 5 on Yelp for three consecutive years.

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Join our mentorship program, and let us help you turn your wedding photography and videography passion into a highly successful and profitable business. Discover the strategies, insights, and support you need to thrive in the competitive wedding industry.

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