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Our portfolio expands beyond our wedding films, and our wedding videography style and skills are greatly influenced by our other projects, including families, small businesses, real estate, interviews, travel, drones, and other commercial work.  

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A longer, documentary-style film of your day.

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A 3 to 5 minute story of your day.


A short + sweet, shareable recap of your day.


A short engagement or save-the date film.

Love Stories

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At KimFilms cinematography, we craft craft cinematic masterpieces that authentically capture your true emotions while offering a range of styles to match your unique vision. Our signature style is a symphony of heartfelt moments choreographed to perfection, seamlessly transitioning between the slow, soulful melodies, and the pulsating rhythms of upbeat music, with our lightning-fast cuts to bring your story to life with a captivating energy. Whether you prefer a dramatic documentary or an upbeat music video style, we tailor our approach to your preferences. All in all, it is our goal to compose each frame and your cinema as a whole to create an unforgettable journey filled with genuine emotions, elegance, and captivating vibes as unique as your love story.

Soulful, captivating, + Personalized to your taste




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Through KimFilms photography, our goal is to capture the essence of your love story and to preserve your genuine emotions. From the tender glances to the heartfelt laughter, each image is a testament to your unique journey. We seamlessly transition between capturing those unscripted, fleeting moments to guiding you through beautifully composed poses that reflect the depth of your love.

We offer you two distinct and equally enchanting versions of your wedding photo galleries: Classic Color and Signature Black and White, both evoking emotions and withstanding the test of time. Browse through gallery style below, or view full client galleries!

A timeless blend of spontaneity + Crafted artistry